Hey I’m Nat

In highschool I dated this guy on and off from freshmen to my senior year, he felt like my best friend and after dating other individuals through my first 2 years in college, I can say I’ve never clicked with someone the same. We’ve always stayed in touch with occasional flirty messages back and forth and hanging out, however he often was involved with other girls and with his history of cheating in high school, I just wasn’t interested in the drama. Things have turned around a lot for us, we both have grown as people, I’ve never been happier in our relationship, I’ve never seen him so positive and adoring. I love how it’s going, but previous to us getting back together he was talking to his “ best friend”, the relationship fell apart, however it never sat well with me. They text daily, and recently I went into his backpack and found a note written by her, saying her goodbyes stating how much she loved him with an attached photo in a bathing suit. Although I trust him, in a way the daily texting and his visit to see her at college makes me uneasy despite his efforts to reassure me that she is just a good friend who has always been there. Any thoughts?

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