I’ve known this guy since 6th grade. We met and ive never bonded that quickly or felt that comfortable with a guy before, but he was dating a girl at the time( met the girl, we found out we were cousins in the 7th grade) on and off, but we remained friends. He genuinely made me laugh and smile all the time…but i never did want to admit feelings for him, even to myself. Around 9th grade he told my cousin(they had been broken up for 2-3 years but still remained great friends) that he was going to try and get with me, but i laughed it off and kept going about my business, but agter that i started realizing i actually do like him, i think about him alot…his smile his personiality the way he could make me laugh, and how sweet he is. We havent talked in a few months since i switched schools(we’re in 12th grade now) but we’re in the same area. Im kinda hoping I run into him just so I can see him in person…but is it worth it? Or should i let go at this point? Would it be wrong to date him since my cousin already did? Is it even love?

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