He won’t let it go

basically I’m married to a guy that has hurt me a few times, not cheating, but hurt me and disrespected me in other ways. Mostly sexually. But also in other ways like treating me like a slave etc. Anyway I left him a few months ago and he was devastated and was saying he couldn’t live without me and he didn’t want to be in our daughters’ lives if he couldn’t be a full time father that lives with them every day and he begged me to take him back, until he eventually got a job where I had moved to and begged me to just try one last time. The past few months since then he has been trying to get better and slowly been improving but it has been pretty inconsistent. Anyway cut to the point, last night something happened in bed which made me say to him “look that is the final straw we actually can’t come back from that, I can’t stay with you after that, I can’t accept being treated like that any longer, you can stay here until you find a job back where your parents live, I will start applying for jobs for you and once you’ve got one you can go.” He said… “I want you and I never wanna let you go but I get that I’m just not being good enough for you and you have told me so many times and I keep hurting you so I get it.” He then went to sleep really depressed. I went to sleep sad knowing that my marriage is completely over, but also relieved cos he was finally accepting it (he has never accepted it every other time I’ve tried to end things with him) Then this morning I wake up and I said “while you’re here until you move out it is going to be just like friends and co-parents, I don’t want you touching me kissing me, you can sleep in the other room etc and we will be allgood for the kids. He says…”no I just want you” starts grabbing me, trying to have sex with me. I said omg I’ve told you no more of this stuff stop it. He goes “but I just want you” I said… “I said no more stuff like this, we have to just be like friends for the kids sake no more touching and stuff” He said “no I don’t care, if I wanna touch you I’ll touch you” and kept nagging to be “in me” we were then in the car and he kept touching my thigh and I kept pushing him away and he wouldn’t stop. Then we got home and he pushed me up against the wall trying to kiss me and I kept telling him to stop it. Later I talked to him about a job I saw listed that he could apply for and he said “I’m not going” and I said “what, I thought you agreed it was over and I shouldn’t be with you anymore” he said… ” I dont care I’m not going I’m not leaving I’m staying I’m not giving up” I’m used to all this kind of shit from him but what happened last night has made me know it’s for sure over so what do I do to get him to just accept it. He is so obsessed and never accepts it being over. And this morning has made me feel so upset, suffocated, not cared about and disrespected. But I also feel so guilty because he says he is so in love with me and I’m all he wants and he can’t live without me and he never gonna want anyone else and all that shit. He even says he loves me and wants me more than the kids, which makes me so sad for them. What do I do? Help

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