He disrespected our 3 year old daughter as well as our marriage

Help my husband of 3.5 years has severely disrespected our family and marriage. When our daughter was 8 mo. old we met up with some of his friends and a orbiter friend best known as the doorknob of the group who isn’t close to anyone was there. Whilst there a couple together for over 3 years got into an argument since she said she didn’t want kids. We were at a family restaurant so I find it hard to believe our baby was the first they’d ever seen or rather they should have had this conversation a long time ago. After everyone left his friend told me how she scoffed and said, “Ugh, why did they have to bring their baby?” as if it was our fault which it wasn’t. She’s lucky she didn’t say that in front of me like the coward shit talker she is. I told him that very day what she said and how I never wanted to hear from her ever again and he agreed it was beyond disrespectful. Cut to 3 years later he resigns up for facebook to invite people to his birthday. He knows I was looking at the list for the record. She’s not on the list but I have a sneaking suspicion when recent friends added pops up on feed there is every one of the 5 people he told me he added last night EXCEPT he conveniently failed to mention her. She was on that list. Why would he add her if the were NEVER friends just fuckbuddies? It’s just disrespect for his daughter, his marriage, his wife. I’m seriously thinking about leaving. Sorry for the grammar errors but I’m pissed.

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