Having a phone conversation and wife takes phone away because she believes she’s better at public speaking

I was having a conversation on the phone with a real estate agent that I sent my information to earlier that day.

I admit I wasn’t fully prepared to say our information first, instead I told him we were looking to view the place he listed and if he had other listings.

He was a bit confused at first but before I was able to clarify my Wife took my phone from me and started to have the conversation.

She has public speaking experience and has studied it, I am more used to typing conversations and editing them after before posting.

Afterwards she asked if we can have a practice conversation but I felt upset and disrespected that she took the phone from me and didn’t allow me to have an adult conversation. Therefore, I didn’t feel like practicing with her. She didn’t acknowledge what she did was wrong for a while, telling me that I had too big of an ego and that I’m not willing to accept feedback.

I feel like as an artist I have taken tons of criticism and as somewhat of an introvert/youngest child and usually the youngest in the class or workplace I have spent most of my life listening to others tell me what to do.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel like it was wrong to be upset at what she did or was it more wrong for me to not go along with the way she wanted to teach me how to have the “right” conversation with people.

Thanks for your time and advice.


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