Have not been on a date in years

I am 31 and alone. I learned the other day most of my co-workers assumed I was married. I have a very prestigious job, I own my own home, am very fit, attractive and am by no means averse to meeting new people. Yet I have not been on a single date in about 3 years now. Once I graduated from school my dating pool disappeared almost overnight. I have tried getting out to the bars with no luck, the dating apps have been a but I just can’t seem to get things working. It is not for lack of trying either, there is constant rejection. I dont let that get to me, but have hit a wall I can’t keep doing this. I’m tired of trying and getting now where. How does a guy meet women when you are no longer in school. I just seem To have nothing in common with women I meet so the conversation goes no where. I’m stuck and miserable and don’t know a way out.

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