Have i done right thing?

Hi I am 25 years old. I met a girl on tinder who is 20 in January and after talking and going on couple of dates we came into relationship at end of Feb .This was my first relationship. we shared everything about each other . The first thing i asked her to do was to cut off contact with all the people she met on tinder and all her exes. At that point she agreed .But later i came to know the guys she used to hang out with all were from tinder and she used to lie about them .Once even when she was with me her ex fling called and asked her out and she was very happy talking to him. And we stated having fights regularly because she could not keep her past away from our relationship .Some guy from here of there would ask her out and will get really happy. She  was still on booty list of many guys who would regularly ask her if she was in relationship or not and she never said to them not to call or text her.She said it not her nature to ask people to stop calling her.So i asked her to block those people.She did that at that time but after a week she would again unblock them and same process started again.

She also suffers from clinical depression. And she take hormonal medicine and she used to smoke and drink I asked her to stop she would not stop as that was cool fro her . She even said once that her friends also talk to their exes and their current boyfriend are okay with that.

When the first time depression happened she was in a relationship and it continued for a long period of time like 7 months . When second time depression happened  she was single and it didn’t last that long . And with me this was third time depression happened . and her friends encouraged her to talk to all those guys from her past to meet them .It really broke me. She even started getting her friend in between our relationship. So week before breakup. She started doing same thing again. All those things i asked her not do she was doing that again and she had support of her friends. So i broke up with her .I used abusive language  to do so. Which i should have not done that .But i had to let her go because she has stared feeling like she was caged with me . At one point it became as if i was a parent and she was a teenager who has to resent everything.

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