Gut feeling she is cheating on me

Been with my gf for 2 years, everything was great then this kinda have gone down hill. We use to have sex regularly, it stopped out of no where. She make every excuse to not have sex. This started out the blue. We maybe had sex 6 times the past 4 months. I tried to spice things up brought her out of town for a weekend get away. She didn’t want to have sez. Doesn’t appreciate stuff I do for her acts like she doesn’t care or want to try new things with me. She always on her phone like I m not even there. She has been talking about this guy she works with a lot, she randomly brings his name up out the blue. She been going out with friends more and lied what she did the other night. Told me she was going to pick up food said she will call me back, she never did. Asked her what she did she said she went out to the bars, asked with her two best friends she said no. Wouldn’t tell me who she went with. I asked her changed the subject twice. I know I caught her in a lie. She started going to the gym and bought a new car she always happy. She pretty much only comes to my house on the days she works casue I give her a ride casue it’s on the way to work and drive her home. She has been acting distance, ignores my calls or never calls me back. I am going out of town for work for a week she came my house last for 5 min said bye and left. When she text me all she says I love you over and over again. I tried to ask if she was okay said she fine. I don’t want to accuse her of cheating but I have this strong feeling she is. I never been jealous or paranoid her actions casue a lot of red flags. She guard her phone like for Knox I walked by her to give her a kiss when her phone was in her hand she locked her phone real fast she hiding something. Sexless relationship sucks I talked to her about she makes excuses. I just feel so lost don’t know how to bring up the conversation with out saying she a cheater even though my gut is telling me she is d

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