Guilty about a mistake

So, I am a good honest person . I always admit to my mistakes, all except one . I did something I never thought I would or could do, my girlfriend did something and I was mad at her. I felt like she cheated on me and I ended up doing what she had done and took it a step further. I went to Omegle like she did and chatted with a girl and took her Snapchat ID . I allowed her to send me nude pictures to me, I did this two times and then deleted everything, never did it again. I feel so guilty but I know it was a one time mistake, I can never do it again . It was a horrible lapse of judgement . I don’t know who that person was, someone in another country . Should I tell my girlfriend? I know she will leave me then and I truly love her. I have been dating her for 1.5 years . She is my everything and this will hurt her. Should I leave it in the past, not tell her and just forget about it? Never do it again.

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