I am 22 years old and just graduated college. She is 20 and still in college. We met over WoW.

I have been talking to this girl online for nearly half a year now. At first I thought she was just being nice, but after her trying to get to know me more and more, I think she doesn’t want to stop at just being friends. She has told me many times she considers me her favorite out of the whole friend group and that bobody knows me better than her. She also has said I am one of the few people that can consistently make her laugh. She has told me time and time again that if we were closer to each other, she would take me to parties and stuff. From my assessment, we have a ton of shared interests and ways of looking at things, but at the same time we are different enough that we compliment each other’s weaknesses. I have been trying my best to avoid nurturing romantic feelings since the dissapointment and damage that could do to a friendship would not be worth it. But at the same time, I dont really want to be just friends since the thought of a relationship would always be lurking in the back of my mind and that causes me more anxiety and pain than anything else.

To be quite frank, I like her immensely and would take up the chance to date her in a heartbeat. I think we have a lot of potential together and work very well as a team. She has hinted that she likes me and other people in the group have pointed out how she treats me far differently in public than all the other guys. I don’t think I really need to worry about other guys stealing her attention, but the thought still bothers me.

Our mutual friends have recently been pushing the idea of the two of us meeting up irl. It is far from having any concrete plans but we are only about 6 hours drive from each other. Furthermore, she has told me she may be moving to my state within a year or two. We are both extremely opposed to the idea of long distance dating so that option is not going to happen.

We have already moved out of the flirty, “puppy love” phase and are good friends now. We have had our disagreements but we always make up and are willing to talk through out problems. There has been a lot of drama and issues regarding the friend group over the past month and she has made it clear to me that if I leave, she will leave as well and she will continue talking to me whether I like it or not. We have added each other on multiple social media platforms and talk constantly. A few days ago she gave me her phone number without me ever asking or mentioning anything about it. I gave her mine in return but we have not used them at all and still only communicate through social media. I am scared to start using text since it might come off as creepy.

I’m just looking for guidance as to whether or not there really is potential here or if I am blinded. I am also unsure how to deal with the thought of having to most likely wait for over a year to hook up.

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