Girlfriend is self conscious and won’t eat

Ok so recently I’ve felt so helpless and it sucks so much, I care so so much for my girlfriend and we have been dating 7 months now but the problem is she’s really insecure. I  make sure I always look after her and compliment her and make her feel good about herself, I tell her she looks good etc. But no matter what I say or what I do she always looks at herself in the mirror and says she looks fat or something. First of all, she’s no where near even overweight let alone fat and the waists on some of her pants have started to fit lose which surely should prove the contrary that shes getting slimmer not fatter, but no she can’t see this apparently.i worry about her because the average amount she will eat in one day will be a granola bar and maybe a piece of fruit. If she eats more she’ll start to feel guilty and it will get to the point sometimes when she tries to get herself to throw up. She will also, even if she’s hungry, stop herself from getting food. I don’t know what to do but I wanna cry and I feel so helpless like nothing I say or do will make her love herself the way I love her

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