girlfriend is jealous of a certain girl.

so my girlfriend is obsessed about this one girl in particular, she’s a bit social and she’s really friendly with guys. she’s not very attractive but my girlfriend is fully convinced that i like this girl, even though i did absolutely my best to be as cold as i can be with her. i don’t even talk to her i just greet her from time to time. well after a while i discovered that i found myself thinking about this girl, like why was my girlfriend obsessing about her and i think i had a sort of a crush on her. i’d look at her pictures a lot and often find myself checking her out.

this girl she texted a few times, just for random studies stuff, nothing serious and i’ve shrugged it off by replying very coldly as in with one word answers, but i’ve deleted those texts and never told my girlfriend about them because i’m scared of the way she overreacts, and because a part of me feels guilty, i have never flirted with this girl and i’d never will, i don’t want anything to do with her and she texts me about simple things to ask me about things that she could’ve asked of anyone else, and she acts like she always has to ask me something or talk to me and she’d find any excuse to do so.

so what do i do about this girl, she knows i have a girlfriend and she most probably knows that my girlfriend’s jealous of her. should i be feeling guilty about the whole thing? i love my girlfriend so much and i’d never do anything to her let alone cheat on her.

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  1. Your girlfriend is going off of a gut feeling that you have said is actually true. Be easy on her, jealousy is a horrible feeling especially when it’s justified. You have hidden texts from this girl. You have admitted you have a crush – EVEN THO SHES NOT ATTRACTIVE. there is a problem here. Just because you know you wouldn’t cheat- your girlfriend doesn’t have that luxury. She feels something is going on and it’s driving her mad. Because she loves you and doesn’t want to lose you. I would advise you to:
    1) cook a nice meal or take her out somewhere NICE
    2) tell her that you love her and only her and you don’t ever want her to feel like you may have feelings for someone else
    3) show her, in real time, you blocking this other woman’s # in your phone.
    (If she doesn’t know you have her number or that she has ever texted you, well then, I would say you have something to feel guilty about. )
    4) if the latter is the case, wait until this chick texts you again and DONT respond, then block number while your girlfriend watches

    Women just need reassurance-we are absolutely horrible to each other- and ACTION- not just words

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