Girlfriend hanging out with her ex

I got together with my girlfriend fairly recently. It was a bit of a dodgy situation from the start – her ex boyfriend has a tricky family life with an alcoholic mum so my girlfriend had him living with her still after they broke up. He would be homeless if he left, which was the reason she didn’t kick him out, except he wouldn’t because the option to go and live with his mum was there. He ended up moving back in with his mum because she found out he’d been making shitty comments about her online, and things were going well because it was obviously much nicer to spend time with my new girlfriend without her ex boyfriend around. This guy treated her really badly, hitting and punching her every so often, gaslighting her a lot and generally being a real dick of a boyfriend.
Fast forward to yesterday – we had plans to spend time together and have a Christmas dinner in the evening so she wouldn’t be on her own. But then, just before the time I was due to get there, she said she had invited her ex round because his mum had got drunk on Christmas. She said to come join them for some drinks and watch videos together. She didn’t even think to ask first, or check how I would feel about him being there. The whole point of breaking up with this guy was to get him out of her house when he was treating her that way and also to not have to deal with his stuff like this anymore.
I didn’t even want to go anymore but did when he left because I wanted to talk things through in person. I expressed how upset and weird it made me feel that she had done this. She was apologetic. She was supposed to make a Christmas meal with me to eat together but didn’t make it in the end because of her ex turning up so said we would do that together today instead. I felt really unwell today, not well enough to eat anything, and also just felt really uncomfortable with the whole situation so I said I was going home. I got a message from her this afternoon asking if I would be upset if she invited him round again today to have the Christmas meal we were supposed to have together with him instead because she didn’t want to be alone and was upset that she didn’t get to have a Christmas dinner with anyone this year. So I’m not well, and she has just invited him over to eat with her instead. It felt so bad and I honestly didn’t feel like I had a clear enough head to talk to her anymore so I just said okay. This situation is pretty messed up right? Am I right to feel upset about her behaving like this? I feel so weird about the relationship now.

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