My girlfriend and I love each other very much, she recently confessed that things got physical when she went to see her ex-boyfriend. She left this guy for me since she was not happy and was guilty about it. He did not have closure and we decided not go public since we wanted him to heal. When a few weeks back she visited her hometown, she met him and he asked her to make out one last time so that he could end things on a good note. She resisted initially, since he was constantly coming in between our relationship she gave in. She was not really involved in the love making and all that happened was he took her top off, kissed her and he came on his own, there was no sex. I lost it when I got to know about this since she is my first girlfriend and I am really in love with her. She says she did it for us so that she could end things with him once and for all. She did not reciprocate in any way while they were making love. She has begged for forgiveness ever since and I am planning on forgiving her, am I making a mistake?