Girlfriend asked for space

I have recently started dating this girl after about 7 months of being really good friends with her. The first month and a half was actually great, we spent a fair bit of time together and there was no disputes. I knew beforehand that she liked her own space and I was fine with that, but seeing as we live together in University halls, it gets difficult to avoid each other, and the last two weeks she has changed her mood a lot around me, I initially thought it was something I had done wrong, but even our mutual friends who she is close with are confused by the change of heart. She runs hot and cold with me, some days wanting to see me, other days trying her hardest to draw me into an argument, and I can’t deal with that on top of the stress of exams and losing my father to Cancer. I really like the girl and I can’t express it enough that before all this was happening, she was really really sweet and helpful with the loss of my Dad. Any advice on how to proceed would be a great help? Thanks

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