GF always talks about other guys

Hey! I feel extremely uncomfortable and kind of hurt when my GF talks about how other guys are hot and how she would fuck celebrities like Harry Styles. Everyday she mentions that someone is hot af and at first I was like “ok well she is with me I have nothing to worry about” but recently it actually started to hurt me and I feel like it’s destroying my confidence and ego. She always talks how that or that celebrity is hot af and perfect and names them “daddy” or tells me that this or that friend is cute and sexy but she would never do anything and that she loves only me. But when she says that I’m cute, hot and perfect, that she loves only me and all that, I don’t feel like it’s true anymore. I don’t feel like it’s genuine if she talks like that about many other guys. Sure thing there’s a lot of hot and cute and sexy people but idk, I personally don’t have THAT much interest in opposite sex… Yeah sure there’s a lot of cute and hot girls but that’s about it, I never think of them like oh yeah she is perfect, I would fuck her if there was a chance or sexualize them. Im between 2 flames. On one side, I feel like I’m crazy, many people say that it’s normal to have crushes and think that other people are hot etc. On the other hand, I feel hurt, disrespected and I don’t feel like her complements or commentaries towards me are really genuine. I feel like I’m a pussy that I allow her to disrespect me like and I don’t know what to do. I tried to talk about it with her but she says that she loves only me, and she “just like other guys, everyone have crushes” and then she is being passive aggressive by asking “Am I not allowed to find other people attractive?” So yeah, would really appreciate advice and know if I’m wrong or not in the situation

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  1. I personally think you should be firm with her about how you feel. As a female I can say that it is NOT normal to talk about other guys that much. I will bring up a celeb. or two to my partner, but if she does it a lot and it makes you uncomfortable and upset, you should tell her to chill out with it. Her being passive aggressive like that is not cool. Her saying that stuff even after you talked about it just makes her the asshole in this situation. I wouldn’t do something that makes my partner feel that way, especially after they let me know that’s how they feel. Tell her to stop, and be honest with her. Don’t let her do that to you man, you don’t deserve it. 🙂

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