FWB gone wrong

A little over a week ago I hooked up with an  acquaintance I’ve known for about 14 years. I’m staying with his best friend and his wife while my apartment is prepared in another city. We didn’t really talk about it until it happened again. I told him I didn’t want a relationship because of our age difference and the fact that I’m moving to another state. He said okay. We agreed to just have fun today her until I move in 3 weeks. Saturday I came “home” from work and he was there borrowing the washer and dryer. He told me he had helped another friend move all day and was really tired. He said he was planning on going home after his clothes were done. Of course, I was absolutely fine with this having worked 12 hours then driven 2 myself. However, then he kept holding my hand, rubbing my leg, playfully grabbing my bottom and eventually we made out. I went to shower and our mutual friend said that as soon as I walked out of the room he began furiously gathering his stuff (including a still damp load from the dryer) and ran out of the house like he was being chased. His only explanation was, “I fucked up”. The next day he messaged our friend’s wife and asked her if I was there. He then told her he didn’t want to be there if I was home. I sent a “everything cool?” Message and he hasn’t even read it. What is that all about?

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  1. To me it seems like he probably thought he could get some one last time, then it seem like when you went to take your shower he probably felt unwelcomeed

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