Forbidden long distance love

I met this girl online quite a while ago, didn’t plan on being anything more than friends, but we slowly started falling for each other. She is just such an amazing person and it wasn’t long until I started really loving this girl. I live in Canada and she lives in America. She’s 17, so she’s just finishing up high school now. Hoping that when she finishes, we can be together in person. The only problem is that her mom doesn’t seem to approve of us, she has a lot of control over her phone and often blocks our communication, even going as far as to send me a text from my girlfriend’s phone saying that she was breaking up with me then blocking my number. Our was of communicating are very limited now, but I really love her and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make this work. I need to know what I should do about her mom? should I try to talk to her somehow and see why she thinks this, or should i keep our relationship a secret?

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