Flirty or Friendly

There is a girl that I work with that I have recently been on a couple of work events, we get along really well and there seems to be something between us, however i really dont know. She says things that people would constitute as flirting but i feel it could just be her being friendly and jokey. Things such as just before we were due to go to the 2nd work event i asked if she had her dress sorted and she replied that she tried it on but her ass was now too big for it and i would be staring at it. Then whilst we were at the event she was getting changed and asked me to come get her in her room with some champagne, i arrives and she looked stunning. she wanted me to pick her shoes so i told her to turn around so i could see them properly to which she just said youre just gonna look at my ass arent you and then laughed.

Also things like i have recently returned from the states and she was upset that i didnt get her anything, not upset upset but enough for her to mention it. In truth I did want to get her something but would have looked inappropriate in my eyes. I did give her some hersheys kisses and hugs and when she finished she looked up at me, looked me in the eyes and said can i have a kiss please.

I really dont know if she is flirting with me or if she is just being friendly. There has been more things than this but I could be writing forever.

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