Fix and Fight or Move on?

I’ll try to be as thorough as possible to get the most accurate advice from everyone.

I’ve been dating a girl for 2 1/2 years. She used to be 110lbs for the first half year and is now 180 and been that size for 2 years.

I care for her and moved in with her. I bought all our furniture because I make more and pay for any date/trip we go on.

I feel like I’m a catch and a super nice guy (even though that sentence doesn’t help) and she is heavily reliant on me.

Now, I don’t look at any other women when I’m with her and always call her beautiful and all that stuff but she’s Insanely jealous of other women and cries about it all the time. If I tell her not to do something she cries about it because she doesn’t feel perfect enough for me. If I go out with friends and she spots other women, my nights ruined and I have to take her home. It is driving me mental and it hurts me Everytime it hurts her to the point where I’m feeling like it’s my fault she’s like this.

For the past year I haven’t been attracted to her. We bang regularly but it’s getting harder to get the motivation to do it. But again, I care for her so I do it. I’ve consistently hinted at the gym, eating healthier, everything that google suggests to slyly suggest, but nothing seems to get through to her.

Recently I’ve been going to Boston Pizza and been talking to one of the waitresses casually. Great personality, Thought nothing of it. Left one day and she said, “Bye Gorgeous”.

I know that’s not a lot to go off of, but this girl at the bar, after she said it, I looked at her differently and she is a 10/10, girl in my dreams beautiful.

Just by her saying that, she’s pulled at my heartstrings and now I’m consistently thinking about her and what I should do from here on out.

The last problem that I have is she doesn’t make much money and doesn’t have many friends around here. She just started a hairdressing career here away from home and I cover most of the rent, so breaking up might cause additional problems for someone I care about.

Do I, fix my current relationship or upgrade?

Do I tell my girl she’s fat and absolutely destroy her? Or Do I break up with the whole, I’m hurting you and it’s hurting me spheal?

Do I just fuck this bombshell to get her out of my head and risk the shitstorm of cheating?

My brains all over the place so hopefully most of this makes sense to others.

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