Female Roommate Sleeping with Friend

So I recently moved into a two bedroom apartment just off of campus with one of my best friends, who happens to be a girl. I was hesitant about living with living with her at first, but neither one of us could afford to move out on our own, so moving in together was the most financially logical decision. After about a month, everything had been going great. We’d been getting along with no arguments and no drama. So one night, we were in the apartment hanging out with one of her other really good guy friends, just watching TV. Now, I knew that they had history, but she’d always told me that they were just friends, strictly platonic. Now, that night I came across evidence that I shouldn’t have seen, that proved that they’ve been hooking up.

They still have no idea that I know. Should I tell my best friend/roommate that I know she’s sleeping with our friend? Or should I just let things play out?

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