Hi. So, I’ve been dating this girl for almost 3 years now, just started dating before entering university. I don’t have many friends, around 5 or 6, but in last August I met a girl, same age, and we like almost the same things (movies, political positions, and much more) and we became like best friends. But…well, we’ve been talking daily since December, when we went together to an event (it was really awesome). In the last weeks, I’ve been thinking too much about her, we talk about almost everything and I feel we both feel the same way. My dating is not bad, actually really good but..I don’t know, never betrayed my girlfriend, and I never will, but I am really afraid. Do I end my date and try to date my friend? Should I just pretend I never felt anything? Should I start to get away from this friend? I am confused, my girlfriend knows her, but they are not friends…I am really lost, please help me.

Also, this has got me feeling bad, as I really don’t know what to do, I haven’t been sleeping well, worried all the time. I just don’t want to mess with someone or get messed up.