Fate or Delusion?

I met this guy online. He’s pretty cool and he’s my age. I’m not looking for a romantic relationship right now and I let him know that. He said he’s unsure about what he wants so I think us just being friends for now is good. The problem is that he seems exactly like the guy I want to marry. This might sound delusional but I can picture my future with him. It was like fate brought us together. The first time I noticed him, I kind of ignored my attraction and continued living life. Then the next day he’s the one that noticed me. It was strange but nice. It feels like we’re too scared to say the wrong thing to each other. I don’t want to fall for him if he doesn’t feel the same way but I also understand that it’s not something I can control. I want to know if there could ever be anything between us. I’m not exactly experienced in this. I want to know how to go about keeping someone’s interest long enough to figure out what we both feel and if there is a chance for anything. I really don’t want him to be the one that got away.

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