Fake Friends??

Ok so I just found this website and I really needed to get this off my chest..

so, I have this “friend”, let’s call her Jill (all names have been changed in this story). I have know Jill ever since I was 3 maybe 4 and we’ve been through a lot. Back in primary, I was always in an inseparable trio with Jill and Kim. However, I was always closer with Kim because our personalities were better matched and she was just generally more fun. So, sometimes me and Kim would go into the local town together and somehow Jill would find out. We never spoke about it in front of her or bragged about it in social media, however when she was with her grandparents she saw us and was mad.
just a bit of backstory too- Jill and Kim would hang out too and I was totally fine with that it doesn’t bother me because I’m happy for them.

Jill just put on one of our group chat loads of Rolling eye emojis and put stuff like “I can’t believe I’m getting backstabbed again” just because she saw us together without her! It felt like she could have time with Kim but I couldn’t.

She then got another friend, Jackie and sent us a screenshot-“I feel like sh** rn bc of Kim and Hannah”. They then started a new bond.

loads of other stuff happened and the exact same thing happened to her but she was always moaning about it however I didn’t say anything (she eventually forgave me after our last argument but not Kim).

roll on to high school and Kim has gone to a different one while me and Jill have gone to the same one. There, we make a new friend called Samantha. Samantha and Jill are much closer to each other than me.

Jill lives near me and can see my house from hers and found out about me having a sleepover with Kim and was really mad so then starts going out almost daily with Samantha to get back at me. This doesn’t bother me because I would rather not hang out with them anyways.

But at school they always say stuff about Kim behind her back like really nasty stuff which I don’t want to post here.


a few summers ago Jill invited me to her birthday sleepover and I let her have my phone for Instagram. Without letting me know, she went on WhatsApp and started looking through mine and Kim’s messages and low and behold finds us talking about her. Why would she look if she wasn’t looking for them? We had an argument and our relationship has been fragile since however I still have to go to school with her daily.

what do I do?

is this relationship toxic?

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