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Exchange student in my class driving me crazy.

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Exchange student in my class driving me crazy.

She came to our school at the start of semester two (February) and I immediately had a crush on her. I kept telling myself that one day I was gonna start talking to her and eventually get her number and maybe go on a few dates, but I never really worked up the courage to talk to her (she is stunningly beautiful.) I had a few inspirational moments where I’d try to talk to her after class but I always chickened out at the last second.

We eventually got a seating plan sitting next to each other and we had a few small conversations mostly about school. We also did a couple of group projects with the people who sat at our table had some good times which made her laugh and feel relaxed. She seems kind of shy but I feel like I’m the one in the class which she feels most comfortable around. We eventually got a new seating plan and now we are seated pretty far apart which kind of rids the opportunity of a natural conversation to take place.

The reason that I’m writing this now is because I always thought that a good opportunity would reveal itself where I could ask her number and plans for the weekend but now that there’s only two-three weeks until the semester’s over I don’t know if she’d want to go on a date or two with a guy from a country she’ll be leaving soon. My question is whether you think that you, as a girl, would say yes to go out on a date with a guy you hardly know if you were an exchange student leaving in a week. And if so, do you think that I should ask her out before I miss my chance and regret it for a very long time, or do you think I will get over her?

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