Ex still having feelings for me?

So me and my ex gf of 3 years have been broken up for awhile now. I am not still in love with her but I do miss her at times and it doesn’t feel great that she is with someone else, but I do not want to get back together with her. Over the course of the past few months she has kept reaching out to me because we were the best of friends before we started dating and she wants me in her life. We r now currently rebuilding our friendship but something has surprised me. Senior prom is coming up and my ex said that I couldn’t go with a few girls cause they “hit too close to home.” Some of the girls were mean to her while we were dating and one of them is her friend, but I do not understand why I cannot take the girls that I want. She doesn’t still have romantic feelings for me right? Can someone explain this to me?

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