Ex is annoyed at me for dating someone else

My ex boyfriend and I were not together for very long, only 5 months and he was in a different country for 3 of those months. We are in the same class at University so we have known each other for two years but were never close until we started talking/dating out of the blue a year ago.

Everything was great (with a few ups and downs of course), even whilst he was away in a different country for 3 months visiting family and friends. When he came back things just didn’t seem the same, he didn’t seem to care that much about me and it felt like we both weren’t compatible anymore and decided we were better off staying friends. I also realised, once the infatuation was over, he was actually extremely selfish which was one of the reasons I decided to break up. If anything, I had stronger feelings towards him than he did towards me.

Deep feelings never evolved so we weren’t in love or obsessed with each other or whatever.

One month after we broke up, he barely talked to me but we were still on friendly terms, I also got very strong feelings for someone else and have been dating someone new for a little while. On a night out, my ex was there and as I was drunk and curious I asked him how life’s been, if he’s dating anyone etc and he said no, then he asked me the same and I said yes. Ever since then he has been quite angry or annoyed with me, giving me sharp/rude responses and asking me repeatidly who it is I am dating and even going as far as deleting me off some social media (all very childish really considering he didn’t seem to care this much about me in general when we were together and we didn’t date for long).

My only question is why would someone act like this? I read a few things that said that maybe I hurt his pride by dating someone so soon or getting over him so quickly. It would be a shame to lose someone in your life just because you are dating someone else but I am just very confused and am wondering if I’m the bad person here?

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