Ex girlfriend

I still love my ex, though we split 2 years ago and want her again even though we were only together for 9 months.

I work in a retail super market as does she, there is a big age gap between us and also I am a few roles higher than her.
While together she didn’t want people to know in case I got in trouble which wouldn’t happen. I supported her as she became a supervisor and her supervisor interview. When others did find out they got involved and it was one cause of our split.

Since then I have been promoted and moved stores, though she tried to stop this by making up an accusation about me just before my promotion examination. Which would have caused me to stay at the same store as her.

When we split she blocked me on some social media and I her on others. I found when I left she unblocked me and was spying. Around this time I was seen with another female who was a friend, causing my ex distress and apparently crying in an office so I decided to check block anything she would be able to see and I could concentrate on my career and me.
I still go into her store as it my local one, when she sees me, she makes out disgust at seeing me, making a big body movement of some sort, or sometimes she looks to make her body as small as possible her neck ducked down and her looking straight at the paperwork in front of her. All of which I feel is unnatural and partly for attention.

This week I had to take stock to the store, she saw me and hid so I wouldn’t see. Unfortunately I almost bumped into her as she hid in the location I was going. I also noticed her while I was there constantly doing jobs not normal for her job description and walking round the store.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed her start to come down the aisle I was in before throwing her hands up and turning round almost to make a scene.

One second I think she hates me the next I think she likes me. I want to talk to her and sort it one way or another.

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