Ex gf. Back

Me and my Gf were together from past 5 yrs. Due to a misunderstanding that i am trying to get rid of her coz of family issues another guy earned respect and made her ready to dump me. She told me on 23 jan and she was very guilty saying she still owes loyalty to me not him.
I did all the mistake there after like begging, pleading, forcing her etc and on other hand he didn’t which made him show more respectful. She cares fir me still coz i became ill due to her but now things are worst.. unfortunately today i commited a mistake of reaching that guy and he told her about that. This has caused her get more angry.

Is there any way to get her back because all i dis was to gey her back.

One thought on “Ex gf. Back

  1. End of the relationship is when you are ready to accept its ending.
    If you make yourself jealous then you will become even more ill.

    If there is new person in her life then there is nothing much you can do, anything that you do is pushing her towards the other person. That is natural.

    The best way to win her heart is to be yourself instead of the jealous partner.
    Rekindle the relationship that you started with her.

    What is the loss if you were ready to leave her.

    Treat her like a new woman, spark some interest, be flirty, compliment her.

    Buy her a small gift, go out for a meal.
    Be an ideal man.

    Don’t buy her stuff to apologise, just get her favourite snack and perfume or suggest you cook a delicious meal together.

    The new guy you contacted could just be a friend!!!

    Some people like the thrill of the chase.

    Be good to yourself and she will open up to you more

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