Ex Boyfriend wants to come back

We were dating about a year ago and for 5 months we were crazy for each other he was the sweetest little thing but then he moved towns and long distance didnt work he grew a lot insecure and it resulted in a nasty breakup . Post breakup he said shitty stuff about me and spread rumours . I was devastated . Recently he texted my sister and since then we have been talking now and then . He wants to be back in my life but thing is he has changed both positively and negatively . He is a lot mature but has a large ego . He always makes me feel like i am not good enough rarely appreciates me . But he is busy due to college stuff . I am to go to the same college as him and so he is ecstatic ( he does apologise when he is insensitive) . But now he has been dropping hints that he wants to do the deed . But i am not ready for it . I dont want to lose him . I am confused if he is just here to take revenge ( i broke up) or he actually feels something . If he is serious then i dont want to break his heart ( again ) . He has become my weakness and i am addicted to him .i feel that it is unhealthy but i am afraid to take any action .

P.s. i have tried to be a better gf . Giving him compliments and little stuff like that

He is a nice guy but a bit arrogant

Please help what should i do

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