Dont know what she wants

So I have been meeting this girl a few times for a short time now and I felt like she is into me. She even told me that we should hang out again after our last meeting. There is some weird things I noticed tho.
She never texts me or calls I initiate ALL the time. That makes mee feel like shes disinterested. No woman I have been involved was like this before.
I invited her out for a more serious date, a dinner, and while she didnt say no, she said we should reschedule at least a week, because she needs to go somewhere that evening and she has one more university exam this week. I got a masters so i know study is no joke, but its hard to see how she could not find a one or two hour spot for me if shes interested.

So whats your take on this guys? Is she legit busy or she is just playing me like a fiddle and wasting my time?

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