Does it mean anything when your crushe’s friend start being more nicer to you?

I’ve like this guy for the longest time and the last time i saw him he told me he had a girlfriend and him and his friends were so rude towards me. he disappeared for like a month and recently started showing up again and i feel like he’s showing interested but i’m not sure, my friends suspect he’s single cause he’s scruffy and looks and acts different like before he was really chatty with me and would just talk to me about how weekends and everyday life but we never had anything beyond that. And i’ve noticed him and his friends are a lot nicer to me now, his friends ask me how i am, and ask stupid questions but it’s still kind of small talk. does it mean anything? i want to ask him if he’s single again and if he wants to hang out see how things go between us but after he told me he had a girlfriend i backed off and now that i’m seeing more of him and i’m start to catch feelings for him again. ugh help I don’t know what to do

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