Does it mean anything if my boyfriend looks at other girls?

So yes I know it’s a natural guy thing to look at other women. We’ve been together for 4 years and in the beginning of our relationship my boyfriend was really open to showing me his phone and everything like there was nothing to hide. We had each other’s social media accounts as well.  about a year ago, he changed his password and I was confused because there must be something he’s trying to hide right? Well I tried discussing this with him and he would just reject that he’s hiding anything. Recently, I found out his password and logged on and I’ve been checking his recent searches. All of them consist of girls showing off their butts or boobs. And the worst of all is that there are a couple people that we both know in his searches and they show off their butts in pics too. I send him sexy pics every now and then but even then I still see his recent searches… Should I confront him about this or am I overreacting? How do I even initiate the conversation if he doesn’t know I’m even snooping on his Instagram?

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