Does he still love me?

Hi, so I was in a relationship with someone who I was crazy about for 18 months. I found out after 6 months he had cheated on me with his ex before me. I was gutted. It really affected me and our relationship was up and down at that point. He was a player before me. His ex before me wasn’t a girlfriend. He was more of the let’s on put a label on this kind of guy. Our own relationship started as a secret. Wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. We met in secret in a park late at night and had sex. He never dated me as such. We went and stayed in hotels sometimes. Less often towards the end. He told me he loved me every day. For Christmas he brought me a really expensive necklace and then my birthday just a month later he brought me nothing!! It was very confusing relationship. We broke up, and it was really hard walking away from him. But I was the one putting all the effort in and gave up at the end as I felt so unhappy. I even went a bit pyscho and told him I was telling everyone what he did to me and I wasntg going to be a secret anymore. I felt I couldn’t grieve as no one knew. I stupidly messaged him a few weeks after we broke up after being silent to ask if he was okay. Now he messages me every day all day long. He says he’s working it all out in his head. He doesn’t want me back but he messages all day every day and end the day with goodnight 😘😇😘…. Can someone please make some sense of this all. Every time I bring up what does he want, a friendship or what he ignores the message. I’ve even told him I have started dating someone and I’m preparing for a second date which is tonight and he ignores it and changes the subject. If he doesn’t want me why is he so interested in my life still and still messages me. I want to stop messaging back because I’m preparing to move on with my life but I can’t. I still love him. Please give me some hard truth.

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