I like this girl and asked her out on discord. I know her IRL for a year. She said no but it doesn’t matter that much. I repeatedly tried and she knows I like her. Most of the time I ask her out as a joke and a half-hearted attempt. Her guy friends took her phone and completely messed with my emotions. Calling me names and other things. I was fine with it as long as it didn’t affect her. They repeatedly took her phone and one day they called. They face-timed and I saw them sitting at a table (my mic and camera were off). Just passing the phone in between each other. Then I saw her sitting there trying to grab her phone. After about a minute of them calling me names and other things, I heard them ask, why isn’t he responding. Then she said, he is muted. I left the call and blocked her. What should I do. She is my first crush and I absolutely love her but I don’t know now. I am in 10th grade. Pls any advice.

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