Disadvantages of Being a Very Physically Attractive Woman?


this question is especially directed to Veronika and is meant as a general question. I have been thinking about this question for a while and now I finally have the opportunity to ask this question.

We know the advantages of being physically, but I would like to know from a woman’s perspective what disadvantages there are of being a very attractive woman. Do very beautiful face challenges that ‘regular’ women don’t face? Have you personally faced any challenges specifically because of your physical appearance that an ‘average’ woman wouldn’t face?

(I just ask this question out of curiosity. The question may seem weird and there are probably more important questions, but I would appreciate your answer. The answer of this question may help me understand the woman, but especially the very attractive woman. I think that the ‘challenges’ of being a very attractive woman affects the behavior of them during dating etc.

According to my personal observations, one of the challenges of being a very attractive woman is: ‘A beautiful woman is very attractive to many guys. Therefore, she attracts many guys just a bright lantern attracts a lot of insects such as lantern flies/moths. Therefore, very attractive have the challenge to find the butterfly among all the moths. You have to separate the chaff from the wheat. A very attractive woman doesn’t just want to become a trophy. That is why she is pickier when choosing a partner. She doesn’t want to be reduced just to her beauty and become a trophy. There are lots of guys who just hunt for trophies, but don’t actually care for the woman and her character.’)

Thank you very much

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