Court case is over but…

My husband, 68,had a long drawn out legal case (out of state)he changed attorneys mid legal battle.. lots of communication between him ,lawyer and paralegal.. fast forward.. in Jan,he spent 3 days in FLA. to finish this up.. he finally met the paralegal and made a comment to me how “ hot “ she is.. case finished up in Jan .. I know it takes time to wrap things up.. paperwork, court docs ect… Now,it’s the end of April.. just saw an email from her to my husband for him to read 13 poems that she wrote.. I’m finding this is unprofessional and personal .. she also lightly talked about other things that I would consider personal … case is over.. I don’t feel she should be emailing my husband and I’m very tempted to call the attorney that she works for and have this behavior stopped.. any suggestions..any lawyers or paralegals out there for advice?

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