My girlfriend of over a year has in the past two months not really wanted to hang out as much and we talked it over and came to an agreement that we still want each other. We dont hang out much because she’s with friends or just laying at home (her parents house) saying she’s too depressed and tired to do anything. The a couple days ago she told me she needed a quick break which wasn’t unusual as we’ve done that just for exploring purposes nothing too far though. Then yesterday she told me she kissed another guy and that she felt like we were running out of things to talk about. I asked if she felt something with this other guy but she moved the conversation in another direction which concerned me. I brought her home after that and I had multiple texts about how she loves me and misses me and I dont know what to believe. The last two days have been here on and off her phone. I’m scared I’m being cheated on or something else is going on either way I need someones advice.

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