So Saturday night me and my bf went to a friend’s house and he drank quite a bit. When we got home he knocked out and I went to put his phone on the charger when I saw a Facebook message from a girl that said “baby?” Naturally I freaked and read his messages and this is how their convo went:
Him – where are you?
Her – at home. You?
Him – leaving a friend’s house 😒
Her – why the face?
Him – **this was all in Spanish so I’m not sure it translated right and I can’t remember what it said** I don’t want to leave/you’re at home
Her: I’m always home. I’m a homebody
Him: blah blah I’m excited for the baby to come
Her: baby?
When I asked him about it (I didn’t tell him I read the whole message) he said she never said anything about baby and that she hit him up. Idk if I need to be worried or if I should call him out and say I read the whole message so why are you asking her where she’s at? I’m due in a few weeks and I don’t know what to do. Help please.

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