Cheating husband

  • I need advice from a guy. My husband has a “friend” who he was in a relationship with about 15 years ago. It didn’t work out between them and he and I got together 9 years ago (been married for two). I have previously found that they have been texting one another and expressed my dislike for the situation.  I could not see the context of the messages, just that they had been talking. This had gone in for years. He doesn’t have her number saved in his phone and had instead memorized it so that he can text her. The other day I called him out about talking to her recently and he said they only talk “once in a blue moon” after researching the past 90 days via the phone bill I discovered that they had texted each other 539 times. Is this just a friendly relationship or am I right in thinking that there is an emotional attachment? I’m highly considering a divorce and he is fully aware of the reason why. He said he’s done this time and changes his phone number, but he had hers memorized so I don’t see how that will help. Advice please! Any advice! Even the ugly, brutally honest kind, please

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