Can sex be a relationship breaker

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Can sex be a relationship breaker

So I’ve been dating this girl for six months and I’m pretty sure she’s the one. We have similar interests, she’s beautiful, she’s smart, I see her as somebody that can be the future mother to my children. The only major problem we have is she isn’t thrilled about sex. She never comes from sex and the only thing that does is one toy that sometimes does the job. We’ve talked about it and she says it isn’t me it’s just sex in general she’s not thrilled about cause it does nothing for her. It’s made me self conscious to the point where I foreplay with her for an hour just to see if it gets somewhere(it doesn’t), and work harder in the gym cause I don’t feel like she’s attracted to me. I’m worried this will affect our relationship sometimes going forward. What should I do?

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  1. justmythoughts says:

    Personally, I think it will be a problem going forward. Especially if you enjoy sex and even remotely see it as an important part of a relationship.

    I have a very good friend who is now over a decade into his marriage and he suffers mentally, emotionally and physically because his wife has no interest in sex. He has had many conversations with me about how tempted he is to have an affair, because he wants to feel physically loved and wants to express love in a physical way.

    It really ultimately depends on how you see sex as part of a relationship. I think the majority of people see it as integral (including myself), but there are others who probably can live without it.

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