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Is it me?

I have the most bizarre problem I think anyone can ever have, so I’ll start it off the best way I can. For the past two years, I have been getting hit on by guys at my school (I’m a sophomore in high school). They’d say they’d want my number and my Snapchat. Sometimes in…
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i do not trust my girlfriend

My girlfriend is too good to be true?


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Girlfriend has no sex drive anymore and it frustrates me

Apologies for the long draft, but I thought I’d give you more context and maybe even a chuckle. Please do read the entire question. Basically, problem is that girfriend’s sex drive is 0…or -273C…and she NEVER initiates and it eats me up inside. Even though she loves it when we do it

I have a boyfriend but a strong sexual appetite for women..

First off, please don’t be mean. I’m a female in a two year relationship with my current boyfriend. While I was with him, I realized that I was bisexual (don’t know why it took so long because it was OBVIOUS) so prior to this realization I’d never had a sexual experience with another girl. I…
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What the fuck am I supposed to do??

Friends with benefits a good idea?

Sex and Anxiety

I am seeing a guy, we’re both 22, and last weekend we went out with some friends, drank quite a bit, went home together, and had sex for the first time. That night, he had a hard time staying hard, which we both attributed to him having drank a lot, early the next morning we…
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