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Category: Sexuality

Anonymous Relationship Advice

How to tell if a guy likes me with mixed signals

If after meeting for the first time a guy says “let’s see each other again” and “I’ll message you” does it mean he’s definitely interested?   He did seem interested at first and we kissed and hug and such, but then he found out that I knew his ex and he started talking a lot…
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Girlfriend won’t let me touch her down there or go down on her

Girlfriend won’t let me touch or go down on her after she used to enjoy it.

My guy gets aroused looking at other women

What can I do to feel more secure about myself when my guy has wandering eyes?

Never Make my man cum

I never give my man an orgasm, but he takes care of me…

He’s blaming me for not being virgin for him

One question. What runs in a guy’s mind when he’s not virgin but he’s asking my best friend to be the one for him? Like he’s blaming her for not “waiting for him” wtf is that? Guys I really need some mature male opinion.

My wife is a total prude.

My wife was a virgin when we married, so obviously her sexual IQ is not very high. But i think one reason she was a virgin is because she is a total prude. When we have sex (which might be once a month), it is the same thing over and over again. Everytime I try…
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I Don’t Understand What’s Happening

I went through my day as I usually do. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. And then she walked in. The moment my eyes met hers it felt like the entire world hushed, and it was just her and I. I felt drawn to her. We had a short conversation, but that was enough for…
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(18+) On the subject of fetishes

i keep discovering more fetishes that i like, i want that to stop!

Don’t know how to date, don’t want to keep seeing prostitutes.

I’m 39 and I’ve never been in a significant relationship. I started seeing prostitutes, but it’s harming to me emotionally/psychologically. I don’t know how to do things right.

Hypersexual broken person

Why do I want other women than my wife to want to fuck me, even if I don’t want to fuck them back, necessarily?