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Anonymous Relationship Advice

Sexual assault

Help please

What should I do

I was talking to this guy and he wasn’t showing any interest. But I was still talking to him. We stopped talking and I I’m giving him a second chance. But I found out that he had sex and had hickeys and I figured he did but I just found out and I want to cry but that was a month ago and idk what to do and I still like him

difficult relationships

there is this guy name trey and he will text me asking for nudes and to do things with him.He doesn’t force anything on me and he seems very nice. Im not good with relationships. i need advice :((

Betraying a Friend

Hi so I started dating someone in my friend group but one of my close friends has an intense crush on the guy im dating for a long time. I feel like I’m betraying her even though the guy has rejected her on multiple occasions. I knew about her crush and used to be her…
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Female Roommate Sleeping with Friend

Should I tell my best friend/roommate that I know she’s sleeping with our friend? Or should I just let things play out?