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Anonymous Relationship Advice

im “ashamed” of my girlfriend.

I feel weird while affectionate in public and it sucks

Can’t break up with mistress

Now fear a woman I used to love. How do I get her to stop contacting me?

Mutual friends

Afraid of looking like a fool.

Ex Boyfriend wants to come back

We were dating about a year ago and for 5 months we were crazy for each other he was the sweetest little thing but then he moved towns and long distance didnt work he grew a lot insecure and it resulted in a nasty breakup . Post breakup he said shitty stuff about me and…
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Insecurities from past relationship creeping up

insecure; trust issues; new girl; old feelings of insecurity and anxiety creeping up

questioning to break up or not

so my boyfriend and i have had a lot of conversations about our relationship, but he doesn’t think he’s able to let me in and break his walls down. now he is telling me he doesn’t know if he wants to break up or not. he is on the fence about it and not leaning…
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Hey guys

Confused at what’s happened

Crush advice?

I told a guy I like him and he responded with cool what does this mean

Love one but not the other?

November 1st, 2017, I met this guy off POF in person and seemed to get along great. 15 days later, He told me I wasn’t girlfriend Material. Now, I have met another guy off POF and we’ve been seeing each other (boyfriend and girlfriend) for 2 months now. My question is, why was I so…
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