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Anonymous Relationship Advice

How to convince someone they may be wrong

Someone i know is hearing and feeling sensations that they think i should be feeling but i am not. A friend called me up – he recently moved – and he tells me that i have to come by right away. The neighbors are really loud and they are making the floor shake at all…
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Is my girlfriend cheating?

Is it wrong of me to get annoyed and sad at my girlfriend if she starts making out with her friends (who are girls) at parties? If I tell her it bothers me then her and her friends get annoyed at me and say it’s no big deal but she is going away with one…
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This sus


So I have liked this boy for about 2 years now but the time has come that I want to try move on from himbecause I don’t think me and this boy could have a future together however I can’t get him out my head and I still have strong feelings for him. Also I…
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I think I’m secretly obsessed with my gf’s best friend

I have fantasies about my gf’s best friend, i please myself to her pics, i even think about her when we have sex. i catch myself doing this with a few of other friends & her attractive cousins. i have no intention to act out on these fantasies. i feel guilty & unsure what it…
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So my bf and i have gotten new jobs, our schedules don’t ever match. i usually get off before him and meet him at his house. When i’m there he’s always on his phone or has an attitude at times when im asking him what he’s doing when i’m trying to converse. Whats going on…
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I’m in a new LDR and I cant figure out if my s.o. is dropping hints

I am in a new LDR. My boyfriend and I exchange pictures/ videos of us(or our routine doings) on a daily basis. Sometimes we just ask each other for pictures if we’re missing each other. Today we had a date night and before going to sleep he asked me to send a picture and said…
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I really like her, but does she like me?

So I’ve been talking to this girl for a couple months now and she texts me very often. She told me one day about how she is talking to a guy she likes form her school, and now I’m worried she might not like me in the same way I like her. Her friend though…
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Should I end the relationship?

I am a college student. My boyfriend and I have been together for around 8 months. But since the last few months, we’ve been living in different cities. Ever since this long distance thing started, we’ve drifted apart (or at least I have). We’ve lost the spark and talking has become more of a duty…
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