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Anonymous Relationship Advice

Partners ex’s

So I’ve been with my girlfriend 4 years,  I’ve always had a but of a problem with jealousy,  but in my opinion only where its justified.  My girlfriend is still close/in contact with multiple ex partners. I know she would never cheat, but she is always liking and commenting on their social media pages and…
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Ex gf. Back

Me and my Gf were together from past 5 yrs. Due to a misunderstanding that i am trying to get rid of her coz of family issues another guy earned respect and made her ready to dump me. She told me on 23 jan and she was very guilty saying she still owes loyalty to…
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Looking for some perspective on some very poor timing

TL;DR. Not serious, serious. Bad timing. Now we’re broken up

Pregnant hook up

Hi I’m pretty new to this. I’m a 20 year old college student and I met this girl who is 19 on bumble. Basically things progressed and we ended up having a fwb type relationship. During this time she made is clear that she was heading back to her hometown about 3 hours away. Anyways…
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Hi, I’m a 19 year old girl who’s never been in a relationship

There’s a guy I kind of like. We haven’t known each other that long but whenever i talk to him, I feel the connection. He’s been giving mixed signals lately and I don’t know how to feel about it. I’ve stopped talking to other guys at the same time and focused on him. The negative…
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I think he loves my sister

well I’ve been hanging out with a guy I met through my sister’s group of friends while we were on a vacation and at first I sensed that he was interested in her but she was with his friend so he backed off, then he saw me and we started to talk for 4 months after…
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Is it me or is something not right here?

My partner travels for work a few times a year. He is in general very kind and caring towards everyone. But he also in times of stress lashes out at me in specific with cruel words or heavy attitude. He would never ever do this to someone on the street or a coworker or even…
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Does he not miss me?

My bf told me he doesn’t feel like coming on Saturday and he will come on Sunday after 3 weeks apart.

How to distinguish being nice from potential romantic interest in this situation?

Hi everyone! So a few months ago I got to know a man through work quite randomly. Now, I haven’t had the chance to talk to him too much since then, but the facts are: we don’t know each other well, but he’s really nice towards me and told me right from the beginning that…
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I really need help with this girl

I don’t know that to do?