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My boyfriend has a nude photo of his female friend

Overall, my boyfriend and I have a fun relationship. He’s a very thoughtful individual, and we get along in most ways. For over two years I’ve been completely trusting of my boyfriend’s friendships, male and female. This includes a particular female friend that is a stripper (not that her occupation is relevant necessarily). I recently…
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Should I Give Up Or Try To Make It Work?

In summary, my girlfriend and I ran into issues during the summer that prevented us from spending much time together. She still holds this against me, thinks I haven’t put in enough effort and tells me this is the main reason she isn’t enjoying our relationship and no longer sees me as marriage material. What should I do?

I am kind of getting mixed signals from a guy i like

So there is this guy i like and i think he is interested too but then he keeps on giving me these mixed signal. So like he told me he had a thing with this other girl but that didn’t workout and he keeps talking about them so i kind of decided to back off…
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Am I a bad girlfriend for this or just standing my ground as an individual?

Me and my boyfriend d have way different work schedules, therefore different days off. I go out on the nights he’s off even tho I have work when he wants , more or less because he also has off weekends, I work weekends though. But when I stay up or don’t go to bed at…
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Is it me?

I have the most bizarre problem I think anyone can ever have, so I’ll start it off the best way I can. For the past two years, I have been getting hit on by guys at my school (I’m a sophomore in high school). They’d say they’d want my number and my Snapchat. Sometimes in…
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How do I know if I like her?

Ive found a girlfriend and Im scared and confused on whether I like her or not- whether some intense feelings are meant to show. Any advice?

Too Close for Comfort

Anyways, I don’t know what the heck is going this normal? Why do I feel awkward working with him now? And if someone can kinda clue me in on what’s going on with him that would help too!

I’m jealous of my girlfriend talking about and being with other guys.

Jealous of my girlfriend being with other guys.

I like a guy

I love him and he’s so sweet, funny, and kind. He looks so good without his hat. We have a lot in common and he works at my camp (I’m a girl).

i do not trust my girlfriend

My girlfriend is too good to be true?