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I really like this guy but I don’t know if logistics will allow us to work out

I’m a sophomore girl and I like and want to date a freshman guy from a school in my county, but not near where I live, and I’m worried that it won’t work out. Should I go for it?

Long distance relationship ended ONLY because of distance

My long distance boyfriend broke up with me because the separation is too hard for him even though he says he loves me and if we lived in the same city “we would absolutely have a future together”. Is there a way to get him back?


Me: 22 yr. college grad Her: 20 yr. college student Roughly 6 hours distance between us. Many shared interests and high trust. Never met in person but mutual friends are pushing the idea of a meetup between her and I. Unsure how to proceed.

Am I wrong?

Hey there, I have a personal matter I am very confused with. Long story short my gf was raped shortly before we met. She has decided not to press charges. I don’t agree but I respect and support her decision. I’ve always told her that I will support her no matter what, which is true.…
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Help please im desperate

My so called mentor(second year student) is engaged and i have a desperate crush for her, that wouldnt be bad but she makes physical contact with me in a way that i dont feel normal for a taken woman. She hugs me and complements me all the time. Am i just imagining things or is…
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Cant stop thinking about the “what ifs”

Currently married, own house and have good full time paying jobs with girl A Met girl B a few months before girl A and practically fell in love with but she had a boyfriend of 3 months but also had strong feelings for me. Almost 5 years have passed since I spoke to girl B but lately I can’t get her off my mind.

The hell do I do?

To start this off I’m gay and I’m dating a guy about 9 years older than me, he wants to go on out third date this afternoon but basically since I still live with my mom she’ll kill me if I do. What the hell do I even do? Break up? Sneak out? I’m so…
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Friend zone and how can I get out

Started talking to girl again and she wants to be friends but I wanna be more than that.

a change in behaviour of my bf towards me

So I am 15 years old and this is my first realationship ever with this guy in my grade (10th) . But it’s different because we have liked each other since 3 years and despite him dating other girls he still had feelings for me hence his past breakups . But I never dated anyone…
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My problems

So I’ve liked this guy for a while now but never had the guts to say anything. Then, he asks out my best friend and she says yes. I still think that I like him but I don’t know what to do. Do I tell him how I feel? Or do I just suck it…
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