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Anonymous Relationship Advice

Am I selfish for wanting to be alone with my gf

Gf changed our plans to go out alone and invited me to go with them. I told her I’d rather be alone with her for a while before but now I feel selfish

Does someone that cheat love you?

I have been in my first ever relationship with this guy for 3 and a half years we have a 1 year old together. 3 weeks ago I found out he was texting a woman out for a drink and constantly texting her even if she said no. Im not sure if he done anything…
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Dating an older woman

Just got out of a 7 year relationship. Married 2 of years. Just got different. Met in university and grew apart. Going thru separation now. Met an older woman…. 15 years old. I’m 34. Shes 49. It’s odd. I admit it. But she is mature and understands me. We get along great. If it wasnt…
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I feel sick and nervous when my girlfriend goes out with people I don’t trust

I get and feel really sick and get butterflies to my stomach when my girlfriend goes out clubbing with people I don’t trust. I don’t know if this makes me possessive because I’m usually far from it, I just don’t know how I feel because right now I feel so worried and probably for no…
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Lower attraction

Advice smth

a friendship

i like my friend too much and don’t know if he likes me because he trying to get me jealous is it a sign that he likes me?

How do I increase my sex drive?

My sex drive is LOW-low, like once a month. I want to give out more but I feel like if/when I do my partner expects way more than I’m comfortable with. How do I increase my sex drive without feeling pressure!?

Worth it?

Its been about 6 months now, but the past emotions sometimes catch me unawares. We started as a friend group; myself and two of my high school friends and him. The feelings came crawling in for both of us. It was difficult to hide it. The whole office knew. Everything felt great until it didnt.…
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will he marry me ?

marriage prospect

What to do?

He’s on vacation ghosting me