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Anonymous Relationship Advice

Should I tell a friend about my relationship with his late wife?

I flirted with a friend’s wife before she died. He found her secret email account and emailed my secret account looking for closure and asking for details of our relationship. I don’t think he knows it’s me on the other end. What should I do?

What’s up guys

Asking girl out.

Long distance relationship

honestly I just want to know if my long distance relationship is still working. It’s only been three months and this is my first serious relationship but my question is. How do I know if this relationship is going nowhere and was just lust instead of love?

Should I confront my boyfriends little sister in front of her family?

Here’s the story. It’s pretty long, so brace yourself. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 6 years now. I get along with his entire family except his little sister, who is only a year younger than me. She’s always made snarky remarks to me throughout the years. One time she put on the same…
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Am I wrong?

My fiance and I have been together for 5 years. I have never shown him distrust nor have I ever not trusted him. But here recently I have gotten a little aggravated. It started a month or so ago when he told me he bought a girl a drink because she didn’t have money. Sure,…
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I am a girl. There’s this guy I really like but he has a girlfriend. We talked for months but i never had time to hangout with him. We got into a really big fight but he came back. UNfortunately by the time he was back he told me he was talking to someone but…
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Im in a relationship that doesnt feel right and i like someone else

Hi. I’m in a relationship with a boy and I have dated him before but I don’t feel right. I like this boy (lets say J for time saving) a lot but he can be manipulative. J has said multiple times that he wants to kill himself and that he was stabbed etc by gangs…
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New relationship, ex still in her life

Ex still involved and she still there for him

Need advice

Okay so there’s a guy who really likes me but I don’t like him back because I’ve never seen him that way.  We’ve been best friends. Probably why I don’t like him back. But some of my friends think I should give him a chance.  I worrry if after trying for a while and I…
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My crush is driving me crazy

I need crush advice help