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Forbidden long distance love

Long distance girlfriends mom doesn’t approve and wants us apart

Is true love your “first love”, or your best friend?

-think I love best friend of 10+ years, have everything in common -engaged to boyfriend of 4+ years, have a child, and nothing in common -no cheating or disrespect -unsure of what is right, what is true love, what is selfish, or what is best for child -all three of us are best friends -unsure who really “came first”, because I think I always loved my 10 year best friend deep down.

Girlfriend’s Mom Hates Me

My girl’s mom hates me for sexting with her daughter over a year ago, haven’t talked to her mom in 7 months and haven’t seen my girl in 8 months. I’m dating the girl now. Her mom isn’t very understanding and doesn’t want me talking to her daughter. Help?