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Category: Dirty Talk

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Swinger Friends

We have some friends who we suspected were swingers. No big deal each is own. My hubby Mike and I had discussed trying it. One day John was texting Mike and he was driving so he told me to answer and encouraged me to flirt with John. Johns wife was with him too. So, things…
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Need advice on sex with my gf

Intimate problems

Should I ask a pinball musuem curtator for a one-night stand?

Alright, i have a spicy story. I’m a beginner pinhead. I love pinball machines, and have been working closely with my nearby musuem to further this. Yet, even if it seems plain and simple, things have really derailed from the chosen path. Insert anon, 46 year old silver fox, who happens to be one of…
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Sexting dilemma

I’m texting the guy I’m going out with, we have plans to go out within the next few days, our conversation starts to heat up and he says he wants to spank me, i told him he has to earn it, he’s on board, wants to know what he has to do… I totally blank,…
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Sending nudes to the asshole I like

I’m a mess rn and I honestly can’t explain

Is this okay

Is it okay for your partner to text others while sexting you?


my boyfriend of 3 years and I are straight but I sometimes in my past have done things with girls at parties. The idea of a hypothetical threesome came up and i said it would be fun but only if he just watches. he said that’s selfish and asked if he could slap the other…
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The one who got away…

I first noticed you across the room when I caught you staring at me like you wanted to learn how real men please their women. You were in luck because not only was I in an open relationship, I also had a desire to explore the depth of your body. I wanted to make you…
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