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Anonymous Relationship Advice

Only Friends dont notice me

My 2 only friends are a lot closer than i am with them and they seem absolutely inseparable. whenever i point it out they seem dismissive. They hang out constantly without me and i feel like our friendship is them 2 with me as a technicality.

A girl says she loves me but is confused to leave her boyfriend

Me and the girl were very good friends as we were in same class, and therefore we started texting each other alot, We communicated over WhatsApp even during late nights and shared almost trivial details with each other too. And after 2-3 months of chat and occasionally outing with other friends too. She confessed that…
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Is he Imature

Hi Ive been with my 48 year old boyfriend almost 2 years and planning a future together. About a week ago my sister sent me a message that she found on his face book. It was a woman comment saying he had a movie star body and he replied w 😍😍😍. I asked him calmly…
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I have a problem…

My boyfriend won’t speak to me and I’m considering ending the relationship. Should I?

I dont understand


I am an idiot

So, I am almost 30 years old guy and studying for my Masters. My friend who studied and worked with me for last 5 years came to this country together. I am completely narcissistic person. I never smoked, drink or had a girlfriend. I was completely engrossed in work before coming here. My friend lets…
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I’m not sure what to do I guess

Girl likes me but I’m not into her, because I like this girl but she has a boyfriend, what should I do?

Sexual assault

I have a boyfriend, we’ve been together almost 3 years now and everything is great. He has a group of best friends that eventually became my best friends also. It was great. We were all really close. His number one best friend.. we’ll call him Nate. Him and I were like 2 peas in a…
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Why do I feel like she wanted me to be jealous?

Relationships becoming complicating no thanks to mix signals.