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Anonymous Relationship Advice


I was in relationship with a man. After a year I got to know he is married and a daughter. I told his wife, she suggested when these things happen with a consent. Now I am a green not sad… Thinking to reveal his Identity and character to his office Hr. But I am confused.…
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I’m in so much pain

This girl I’m in love with chose her lying cheating ex bf over me. She and I are very close and when I suggest that we distance ourselves she says she “can’t live without me” and begs me not to leave. Also we’re going to prom together because she would rather go with me than…
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Difficult Relationship Situation

I have a confusing relationship situation. I have been dating a girl for several months and care about her deeply. But I don’t think I’m happy. We’re in the same section in our school band, and after I beat her in chair auditions she became very depressed (she thinks that she has no future) although…
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he likes sleep more than me

Is it bad that I’m considering breaking up with my boyfriend for over a year because he sleeps all day? please kik me about it @blakemadeline… I need help