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Anonymous Relationship Advice

Long Distance Relationship problems.

I’m in a LDR and I dont know what to do. We met in the military and hes still in while I’m out. We live in different countries and we only have two days off, every two weeks at the same time together. He doesn’t try calling or videochatting me, and hardly texts me throughout this time. Im not including the times hes working and sleeping of course. But even on our days off together he seems busy. I try talking to him about all this and he freaks out, or reads my message and doesn’t say anything and will ignore me for the rest of the day. I don’t feel like hes romantically or sexually attracted to any more even though he says he loves me. I love him more than anything and i don’t know what to do anymore.

Dont know what to do!!!!

I had a incident with my girlfriend recently ..that she asked me to cut my hair like someone …i did but i didnt do it on the same day but i did it on next day…and when i met her after this she didnt even notice that …and acting like she didnt even say anything…
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Lost attraction

How do we deal with loss of attraction in part due to weight gain? What do we do while the weight is still coming off?

She won’t talk to me

This girl I’ve been going out with has been talking to me for most of the week by text as I’m on holiday, but for the last couple of days she’s just been reading my texts and then ignoring them. I’m starting to feel pretty bad and can’t stop thinking about why she’s not talking,…
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I’ll never see her again

How do I stop feeling like this, making the reasonable assumption that I’ll never see her again?

love behind bars

I ask this question because I am in love with someone who is behind bars. We’ve been together for a year and going on 5 month. I’ve met him through our high school year and he is an amazing guy with such great personality. Lately we’ve been arguing non stop and he has his doubts about being unfaithful to him and I have thoughts that he’s been unfaithful to me even before he went in. I love him so much. I just don’t know what to do.

Feeling really alone after breaking up from a long term relationship

Has someone else gone through something similar?


I was in relationship with a man. After a year I got to know he is married and a daughter. I told his wife, she suggested when these things happen with a consent. Now I am a green not sad… Thinking to reveal his Identity and character to his office Hr. But I am confused.…
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I’m in so much pain

This girl I’m in love with chose her lying cheating ex bf over me. She and I are very close and when I suggest that we distance ourselves she says she “can’t live without me” and begs me not to leave. Also we’re going to prom together because she would rather go with me than…
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Difficult Relationship Situation

I have a confusing relationship situation. I have been dating a girl for several months and care about her deeply. But I don’t think I’m happy. We’re in the same section in our school band, and after I beat her in chair auditions she became very depressed (she thinks that she has no future) although…
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