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Category: Cheating & Infidelity

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Girlfriend wants me to be friends with her ex

My gf is friends with a work colleague she had a ONS with, she wants me to be friends with him as well, I dont want to – what should I do? We have been together about 2 years – they had their ONS about 3 years ago. He is a self confessed “player”. Although…
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My Best Friend & My Crush Hooked Up

They were both drunk, and in his defence, he didn’t know how I felt about him. However, it still really hurts… They’ve both apologised but I just don’t know what to do…

Should I stay with him?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year,I am 19 and he is 21 and this is our first official relationship for both of us. Everything is great and going the way it should be but I have an issue regarding the beginning of our relationship. He made it very clear he wanted us to…
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